overview of all treatments

Infuzion® MD

Age does not stop at our skin – but you do not have to let it look at her: here comes the future of anti-aging treatments.

HydraFacial® MD

A touch of Hollywood! Young, radiant & healthy: This is how your skin trumps after a treatment with the multifunctional Vortex technology. This method combines the components skin removal, deep cleansing, dermal infusion and lymph drainage on a single platform.

iS Clinical®

INNOVATIVE SKINCARE® is heavily involved in the development of dermatological care products. Our ambition and goal is to develop skincare products with a team of experts from well-known biochemists, dermatologists and pharmacologists to improve the appearance of the skin.

Perk – Cleanse with Benefits

Perk ™ is the world’s first hybrid skin system that combines removal on an on-site treatment with take-home products to improve the skin. It’s that easy. You get an immediate effect and long-term results that fit perfectly in your everyday life.


Powerful all-botanical products, applied by hand only, as you would expect from the unique Clarins® treatment. Targeted, individually tailored handles flow into each other fluently and ensure a long-lasting, visible result: for your beauty and your well-being.

Permanent Make-up

Enchant your environment with lasting beauty. Whether you look at the mirror in the morning, have a candlelight dinner in the evening or work up a sweaty workout, you will always look perfect, but still completely natural. With Permanent Make-Up, your aesthetic strengths are highlighted and emphasized.

For Men Only

No more words needed. No frills: deep cleansing, relaxation & care.


Our hands are in action all day long and need special attention. Naturally well-groomed hands, individually tailored to your type – whether classic, with color or the complete pampering program.


Your feet “endure” a lot, day after day: at work, at house work, at sports or at the after-work party. This continuous use should be rewarded. Give your feet a royal break.


Say goodbye to annoying and unruly hairs.


Of course, Royal Relax also offers eyelash dyeing, eyebrow plucking, etc.