Our hands are in action all day long and need special attention. Naturally well-groomed hands, individually tailored to your type – whether classic, with color or the complete pampering program.

Classic manicure

Form nails, hand bath, cuticle care, polish nails, moisturizer

Classic: approx. 30 min – 34 €
With nailpolish: approx. 45 min – 49 €
With Striplac: approx. 45 min – 49 €

Wellness manicure

The complete pampering program for your hands:

Nail nails into shape, hand bath, cuticle care, polish nails, hand peeling and mask, nail oil, large hand massage, moisturizer

Classic: approx. 45 min – 54 €
With Striplac: approx. 55 min – 69 €