Infuzion® System

Approximately 20% of the population have needle phobia. Hence, people that are dealing with these fears, avoid any treatments that involve needles. The revolutionary technology of INFUZION enables patients with needle phobia to have a pleasant and painless treatment without needles, bruises or skin redness. In addition, no need for anesthesia.

INFUZION® is a revolutionary and non-invasive treatment that penetrates hyaluronic acid  – enriched with vitamins and minerals – into the skin. Infuzion replaces the needle on the syringe with a patented roller, the Infuzer. It is defined by its maximum flux by low voltage electricity with a trans-appendageal pathway across hair follicles, sweat glands, and sebaceous glands. In a manner of speaking, it is an injection without a needle.

INFUZION fills each and every skin cell and is suitable for face, neck, cleavage and hands. Infuzion can treat dark circles under the eyes, crow feets, nasolabial folds and forehead and mouth folds. The skin will get a fine lustre. Cheeks and Lips get more volume, fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed. Infuzion deeply hydrates the skin and decelerates the process of skin aging. The skin gets a fantastic glow and the treatment regenerates and visibly rejuvenates the skin.

The successful treatment from Scandinavia was developed by innovator Martina Richter from Sweden together with technicians from France. The production is based in France.


Treatments like Mesotherapy, skinboosters and fillers inject substances with fine needles. Those treatments should always be carried out by professionals such as doctors.


The treatment with INFUZION does not require needles. Hyaluronic acid which is enriched with vitamins and minerals are penetrated into the skin through the pores with the patented roller, the Infuzer.

The Infuzion treatment should be carried out by certified beauticians, skin therapists and doctors only.

•       non-invasive and pain free
•       no bruises and skin redness
•       no harm for the skin, it actually starts a healing process within the skin
•       fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed
•       stimulates collagen production
•       deeply hydrates the skin
•       skin gets a fine lustre and an amazing glow
•       smoothing effect on the skin
•       decelerates the process of skin aging
•       regenerates and visibly rejuvenates the skin
•       visible results up to 6 months (with 3 treatments at start)
•       short treatment duration (approx. 20 minutes)
•       only 1 treatment needed after max. 6 months for refresh
•       patented treatment and roller
•       hyaluronic acid is penetrated into the skin with a roller instead of needles
•       sterile hyaluronic acid, enriched with minerals and vitamins
•       visible results
•       amazing GLOW


For ultimate and lasting results of up to 6 months, a session of three treatments is required. Thereafter only one treatment is needed after every max. 6 months.

INFUZION® Treatment Areas / Prices

3 areas/ zones can be treated either separately or all together: face, neck and cleavage, hands

Treatment of 1 zone:
One treatment: 199 €
Two treatments: 390 €
Three treatments: 580 €

Treatment of 2 zones:
One treatment: 390 €
Two treatments: 580 €
Three treatments: 999 €

Treatment of 3 zones:
One treatment: 580 €
Two treatments: 999 €
Three treatments: 1399 €

3 treatments of each zone are recommended at the beginning. Within each of the treatments should be 7-10 days time. Afterwards, only one treatment is needed every max. 6 months.