HydraFacial® MD

Hollywood’s anti-aging revolution – now at Royal Relax

In Hamburg, professional athletes, actors and models already rely on the magical Glow from California. Of course, the HydraFacial® Refresher Cure is good for any of my clients, both male and female. Caution: high addiction factor!

HydraFacial® is an internationally recognized method of gentle skin removal known from various magazines and TV programs. As part of the multifunctional Vortex technology, the skin is deeply cleaned and enriched with dermal infusion with antioxidants, vitamins and hyaluron.

In addition, a light therapy and a lymphatic drainage round off the treatment result. So that you can look forward to a permanently improved skin appearance, the treatment should be repeated monthly.

Experience Vortex-Fusion ™

The patented vortex attachment pushes the highly effective, concentrated serums into the skin, while the top edges remove the dead skin cells and clean the pores in depth.

The non-invasive weapon against wrinkles, clogged and dilated pores, oily skin, acne and hyperpigmentation.

HydraFacial® applications

  • HydraFacial® Bronze Facial Treatment 139 € (ablation, peeling, deep cleansing, care)
  • HydraFacial® Silver Facial Treatment 169 € (plus lymph drainage & light therapy)
  • HydraFacial® Gold Facial Treatment 199 € (plus anti-aging treatment)
  • HydraFacial® Platinum Facial Treatment 269 € (Plus Needling Treatment)
  • HydraFacial® Champagne Facial Treatment 249 € (plus Foaming Enzyme Treatment)

Royal Relax – “Sometimes it’s easy to be a star!”